For language learners

What is Cookin’ English?

This is a website where you can practice your English vocabulary, expressions and grammar. The materials and tasks are based on recipes and back stories submitted by English language learners.

How can I use Cookin’ English?

Read or download the tasks and materials. Use the comments section to post your answers to the tasks, and I will give feedback on your English.

Who runs Cookin’ English?

My name is Stephen Jones. I am from Edinburgh, Scotland, and have been teaching English around the world for over ten years.

Why did you make Cookin’ English?

There are two main reasons. First, I love cooking and sharing recipes from around the world. Second, I enjoy making materials for English language learners. This site is a combination of both passions.

Do I need to pay for Cookin’ English?

No. Everything here is free to use. Share it with your family, friends, colleagues and classmates. Just please don’t copy things and say you made them yourself!

Can I ask a question?

Yes, of course! You can ask a question on this page, or on any of the recipe pages. You can ask about the recipes or the language?